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Volumen 2, Número 1. Ene-Jun 2005



The opinions of several authors on R. A. Fisher’s criticism to the fit of Mendel’s data to his hypotheses on the heredity of several character of peas (Pisum sativum) are discussed. These data are too-good-to-betrue, it has been argued. Three authors base their line of arguments on the inadequate way in which Fisher used the chi-square test to suggest that Mendel falsified his experimental data. Another author indicates how the chi-square should be interpreted; since if it is used, as Fisher did, in order to detect falsified data, any set of acceptable data, if congruent with the hypothesis, will appear to be too good when combined.

Palabras clave: Manipulated data, Mendel

Volumen 2, Número 1

Volumen 2, Número 1
Ene-Jun 2005


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