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Volumen 5, Número 2. Jul-Dic 2008



This series of two articles does not attempt to be an exhaustive review of the origin of corn, its use, its genetic improvement or, even less, its economy. In the first part, a very shallow review about the origin of corn is made, mainly to recognize the work of two Mexican professors on the origin of this plant from teocintle. In addition, it is stressed the growing and recent activity in corn germplasm collection, even in places where there is not such a wide diversity like the Northwest of México. A review is also made of the Creole varieties improved in our country with the goal of arguing in favor of peasants of low means having access to improved germplasm with varieties of free pollination and synthetic varieties. Out of a total of 130 populations of this type catalogued in México by the INIFAP (Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Forestales, Agrícilas y Pecuarias), only two dozens are shown here with some of their outstanding characteristics, plus 55 populations improved by public universities, which are virtually only mentioned. The objective, although somewhat historical, is to show the readers that in our country, breeding professionals have not stopped working and liberating materials that in many cases are similar or superior to those of private seed companies. This is so that, in face of the imminent entry of transgenic seeds into México, it is convenient for farmers to know that improved seed produced in our country, both in free pollination varieties and in hybrids, have equivalent or superior counterparts, and at a price less than half of that of the transgenic seeds.

Palabras clave: Germplasm, transgenic hybrid, corn, Zea mays L.

Volumen 5, Número 2

Volumen 5, Número 2
Jul-Dic 2008


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