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Volumen 6, Número 2. May-Ago 2009

gender differences in top management of agricultural operations in the south of europe


Gender equity is contemplated in various social policies in the European Union, as well as in gender equity laws in each country. However, there are still relevant differences in rural areas both in Italy and Spain; and particularly, differences are found in top management positions of agricultural operations. In Italy, 30% of farms are run by women versus 19% in Spain. In this study, these gender differences in business management are analyzed by sex, age of women directors, their family relation to the operation’s owner, size of the farm and type of activity. No differences were observed for age, but they were relevant for family relation and size of the farms. Women head more small businesses than men, especially in Italy, although data show a tendency over the past few years of increasing farm size, which is related to a greater move by women towards activities for self-consumption.

Palabras clave: Gender inequity, age, farm management, size of operations

Volumen 6, Número 2

Volumen 6, Número 2
May-Ago 2009


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