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Volumen 9, Número 1. Ene-Mar 2012



Applying neoliberal policies, and globalizing processes, have had important effects on rural communities in México. One of these is the increase in migration to the U.S.A., phenomenon which is reshaping the daily life of Mexican peasants in a relevant manner, and specifically that of peasants in the state of Puebla. This document tackles, from a qualitative perspective, the ways in which international migration reconfigures and strengthens the identity of inhabitants in San Felipe Teotlalcingo, Puebla. In addition, the manner in which this migration becomes a strategy for material, social, and cultural survival of peasants in this locality, is exposed. Ethnography of the place was elaborated, and in-depth interviews were carried out with 25 peasants with migratory experience towards the U.S.A. The objective of the research was to describe and interpret the ways in which peasants’ identity in a rural community is reconfigured after migrating. This identity is strengthened, with the result of peasants becoming more participative and independent subjects, from the political and economic point of view.

Palabras clave: transnational community, neoliberalism, daily life

Volumen 9, Número 1

Volumen 9, Número 1
Ene-Mar 2012


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