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Volumen 10, Número 4. Oct-Dic 2013



Water is one of the basic natural resources for food production, which is why it is fundamental to understand the location its supply sources, its distribution, the surface benefited and the number of users. The objective of this study is to contribute to identify the hydro-agricultural infrastructure for small-scale irrigation, the water available and the human potential devoted to irrigation in Puebla. The research was based on information available about water, crops and agricultural users from the National Water Commission (Comisión Nacional del Agua, CONAGUA), SAGARPA and El Colegio de Tlaxcala. The Arcview software was used to define the natural regions and geo-reference in UTM coordinates of the supply sources. It was found that in Puebla, “Small-scale Irrigation” is constituted by systems supplied primarily by deep wells, springs, diverters and pumping plants, which implies a total of 5120 works manned by 51 074 farmers in 81 818 ha that are irrigated, with a water volume of 911.6 Mm3. This infrastructure is found in 56 % of the municipalities in Puebla, with the following standing out at the regional level: Valles de Atlixco-Izúcar, Puebla, Llanos de San Juan, Sierra, and Valles de Acatlán and Huauchinango, where the water is destined to the production of vegetables, ornamentals and fodders in the outdoors.

Palabras clave: water supply, infrastructure, region, users.

Volumen 10, Número 4

Volumen 10, Número 4
Oct-Dic 2013


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