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Volumen 13, Número 2. Abr-Jun 2016



In México, the use of demonstrative models is considered a policy strategy to increase the coverage of agricultural extension services. The selection of these modules is based primarily on normative criteria. The objective of the study was to analyze the coverages obtained through the MasAgro and PROMAF programs. For this purpose, 537 maize producers were interviewed in the state of Chiapas. An analysis of variance (ANOVA) revealed that the modules identified with criteria of position in the network (MasAgro) present better coverage that those that only consider the producers willing to have demonstrative modules (PROMAF). For the selection of producers and plots susceptible of becoming demonstrative modules, the inclusion of “relational” criteria is proposed, which are understood as those that allow the identification and the use of the individual position of each member of a local network, and in the structure of the network in general. These results may direct decision making of those responsible for the programs, of researchers, consultants and policy makers to consider demonstrative modules as part of their strategy or analysis.

Palabras clave: coverage, extensionism, innovation networks.

Volumen 13, Número 2

Volumen 13, Número 2
Abr-Jun 2016


Said Infante Gil

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