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Volumen 13, Número 3. Jul-Sep 2016



Egg is important in the human diet because it has a high protein index and is widely available in the market; it is easy to prepare and has a competitive price against other sources of protein of animal origin. In 2012, México recorded 20.8 kilograms, the highest per capita consumption of egg in the world. The objective of this study was to analyze the table egg market in México and its defining factors. An econometric model of simultaneous equations was used with information for the 1970-2012 period. The offer tuned out to be inelastic at producer prices of egg, chicken and balanced meal; the demand is inelastic at consumer prices of egg, chili, pork meat, bean, and income. The increase of 73 % in nominal consumer price of egg, which was found between July and August 2012, due to the fall in production caused by the avian flu outbreak, should have increased only 45.78 %; the difference was due to speculative issues.

Palabras clave: econometric model, elasticity, offer, demand.

Volumen 13, Número 3

Volumen 13, Número 3
Jul-Sep 2016


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