ISSN: 1870-5472

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Volumen 10, Número 2. Abr-Jun 2013

Hersch Martínez Paul. 1996. Destino común: Los recolectores y su flora medicinal. Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia. IS BN: 9682990521


The book by Dr. Paul Hersch is a pioneering document that, since its publication in 1996, has become a mandatory reference for those interested in the study of medicinal flora in México. Four elements stand out in the analysis he presents: (i) the emphasis placed on harvesters and various social actors involved; (ii) the complementary and limited role that harvesting has within the network of diverse productive activities in rural areas; (iii) the analysis of utilization networks and environmental deterioration that studies two perspective, the social and the biological, scarcely associated until then; and (iv) the description of harvesting as a vicious cycle of poverty-harvesting-poverty, which is carried out by poor collectors who are obliged to increase the harvesting when they obtain a meager income for hard labor, thus provoking the over-exploitation of the resource and its depletion. The final result is the dependence of poor harvesters on medicinal flora, which gradually and inexorably becomes scarce.

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Volumen 10, Número 2

Volumen 10, Número 2
Abr-Jun 2013


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