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Volumen 12, Número 4. Oct-Dic 2015

Hernández X., E. 2014. Xolocotzia: Obras de Efraím Hernández Xolocotzi. Universidad Autónoma Chapingo. Dos tomos. Edición conmemorativa por el Centenario del Natalicio de su autor.


On the year 2013, it was one hundred years since the birth of Efraím Hernández Xolocotzi, devoted professor from the National Agriculture School, today Autonomous University of Chapingo (Universidad Autónoma de Chapingo, UACh) where he began as professor in 1953, and from its Graduate School (Colegio de Postgraduados), where he taught until his death on February 21st, 1991. To commemorate 100 years of his birth, the UACh’s University Council agreed to declare “2013: The year of the Centenary of the Birth of Professor Efraím Hernández Xolocotzi”; this motto was captured on the institutional stationary during that year. Different commemorative academic activities were also carried out, where various current issues were addressed, as well as the perspective of the work by this outstanding professor. Another relevant action considered in the program of activities was the commemorative edition of the most renowned works by the Professor, selected by Xolocotzi himself for a first edition coordinated by Juan Pablo de Pina García, which would see the light as a special two-volume edition in the Agricultural Geography Journal, edited by the Autonomous University of Chapingo. Both the first volume, which appeared in 1985, and the second one that appeared in 1987, have been sold out for some time.

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Volumen 12, Número 4

Volumen 12, Número 4
Oct-Dic 2015


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