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Volumen 13, Número 3. Jul-Sep 2016

Fernández-Ordoñez Y. Margarita, Escalona Maurice M. Jorge, y Valdez Lazalde J. René (eds). 2015. Avances y Perspectivas de la Geom ática con Aplicaciones Ambientales, Agrícolas y Urbanas. Editorial de


The book includes twelve studies related to advances, perspectives and applications in geomatics. The authors are experts in the field and come from different national and international institutions. The book is divided into two sections of six chapters each; the first one presents theoretical aspects about concepts, technologies, techniques and directions that geomatics is following, and the second section includes examples of application in environmental issues, plant cover, land use and coverage, and participative cartography.

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Volumen 13, Número 3

Volumen 13, Número 3
Jul-Sep 2016


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