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Volumen 14, Número 3. Jul-Sep 2017

Zapata Martelo Emma y Rosario Ayala Carrillo (Coord), 2015, Contribuciones De Los Estudios De Género Al Desarrollo Rural, Colegio De Postgraduados.


In 2014, the Area of Gender: Rural woman at the Rural Development Graduate Program in Colegio de Postgraduados reached 20 years of existence. This research area was promoted by Dr. Emma Zapata Martelo, who has an academic career of more than 30 years and is Professor and Researcher at Colegio de Postgraduado, Campus Montecillo, Estado de México. I want to take this opportunity to give well-deserved recognition to Dr. Emma Zapata Martelo, who is a very important pillar of gender studies in México, and to whom I express my great admiration and deep gratitude for her great effort and tenacity in her professional career as researcher and professor, and who despite having to face challenges on her path, continues to advance in this initiative. Dr. Zapata belongs to the National Researcher System, Level III, and to the Mexican Academy of Sciences. She has received several national and international distinctions; among them, the International Award in Developing Countries, given by the Justus-Liebig University from Giessen, Germany; the National Award María Lavalle Urbina, and the State Award in Science and Technology in the Area of Social Sciences and Humanities in 2010. Numerous articles of her authorship have appeared in national and international journals, with themes related to rural women, public policies, empowerment, women’s organizations, rural work, among others.

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Volumen 14, Número 3

Volumen 14, Número 3
Jul-Sep 2017


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